Engajamento comunitário: aprendizagem para o futuro

Tradução do texto publicado originalmente no blog do Linux Professional Institute.

Once upon a time... And they all lived happily ever after!


Only Linus is looking to the right camera!

Empresas garantem segurança na rede em tempos de nuvem

A Blackdoor Security (São Paulo, SP) e a BrodTec (Lajeado, RS), acabam de firmar parceria para o desenvolvimento conjunto de projetos para a segurança de dados e sistemas de empresas e migração de ambientes para a nuvem.

Love is my Country. I am proud of my Brazil!

I have never been so proud of my Country and its youth as I am now. I am a firm believer this very youth – that some people dare to call unprepared and alienated – will lead Brazil into a bright future.

A Global Decision Making System

One of the clear outcomes of UNDP's CoP2013 (ICTs, Governance and Conflict) is that humans are the real changers and ICTs can work as a facilitator and enabler.

There is enough technology to make a better world. Is there enough will?

After leaving Istanbul I took a flight to Dublin. The Sun had just set and yet it came up again as the plane flew West. There I was, in a heavier than the air, man made machine seeing the Sun coming up by the beginning of the night.

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