A Global Decision Making System

One of the clear outcomes of UNDP's CoP2013 (ICTs, Governance and Conflict) is that humans are the real changers and ICTs can work as a facilitator and enabler.

One of the issues I have addressed in the first panel I participated is the urgent need to use already available technology for a "real" democratic global, borderless government (yes, I know this goal may still be in a far sight and, still, we want to clearly know where we want to get).

I just bumped into a project hosted by Google Code: Global Decision Making System. I think this might be a very good tool for the brainstorming and decision making process during and after CoP like meetings.

From the project announcement:

There are many situations in which groups need to make decisions. Existing methods are inefficient, synchronous, and often overly influenced by politics, egos, and hierarchy. Hence the need for a new method without these limitations. This version provides classification of questions by subject and geography. It also allows identification, approval, and notification of actions. It is theoretically capable of establishing a structured, crowdsourced global strategy for the planet and notifying those responsible for delivering it.

Bold, isn't it?

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